Toronto, Canada.

Anord Mardix provides a critical power solution coupled with a busway monitoring system (MCMS) in a hyperscale data center, which provides the client with greater accuracy and fast sampling rates.

April 21, 2021


Client: Top 5 global cloud computing provider

Country: Toronto, Canada

Scope of Deployment: 6MW

Industry: Data Center


Timeframe: 10 weeks from order to install.

Year: 2020


A global data center provider needed to fit out a newly constructed data hall for a leading cloud services provider with overhead busway.

The Anord Mardix DATABAR system, with the MCMS monitoring system, was installed during the main COVID-19 related lockdown in Toronto. Through proper factory safety protocols, Anord Mardix was able to maintain the projects required lead times without manufacturing delays.


  • 400A 5-pole DATABAR busway runs with Anord Mardix MCMS end feed monitoring.
  • Dual 30A 3-Pole 415VAC Tap Offs with Anord Mardix MCMS individual outlet monitoring.
  • Remote wall mounted 24inch Display w/ NUC (small form factor) computer and Ethernet switches for local display of busway monitoring values.

Anord Mardix was selected by both the global data center provider and the end client because of the product’s design and the ease of installation required.

The Anord Mardix MCMS busway monitoring solution, which delivers specific features such as fast sampling rates, high accuracy and SNMP communications protocol, was the perfect fit for the client’s needs, in-line with the project’s requirements.


The DATABAR overhead busway system delivers IT power from the PDUs to the server racks. Monitoring at both end-feeds and tap-off outlets enables the end-user to measure and manage their loads easily and safely.

The project was completed in-line with global safety regulations with regards to COVID-19, as well as meeting the client's needs. The client was very happy with the finished result and quality of installation and service.

Key points of success for the project:

  • A flexible and safe power distribution solution to provide power to racks.
  • An advanced and operator friendly monitoring solution that provides a high level of information, facilitating the management of their server rack power.
  • All of the above was completed during a challenging lockdown period.


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