In 2019, a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing announced that it would make a further major investment at its manufacturing campus in Ireland, with the construction of 2 new semiconductor fabrication facilities, or “FABs”. With a total CAPEX value in excess of $7 billion USD, this truly is a mega-scale project.

October 28, 2021

Given the scale of the project and the project’s ambitious construction schedule, the end client and their construction partner, Exyte, embarked on an Off-Site-Manufacturing “OSM” strategy which would see 40% of the project built off site.

With a 30-year track record in delivering critical power equipment to the semiconductor industry and having demonstrated our extensive Modular capabilities during the competitive tender process, Anord Mardix were selected as the partner of choice for the Low Voltage Electrical Unit Sub-Stations, or “LV-USS” and E-Houses (Power Pods).


Client: Confidential, but our construction partner was Exyte Ltd.
Country: Ireland
Project Value: In excess of €55 million
Industry: Semi-conductor Manufacturing
  • 108 x Large MV-LV power transformers
  • 38 x 6300A LV switchboards
  • 1000M of 6300A Busbar Duct
  • 29 x Power Skids
  • 8 x Mega Power Pods
Timeframe: 2 years
Year: 2020/ 2021


  • Ambitious schedule
  • OSM challenge

There was a requirement for 9 of the Unit Substations to be housed in custom designed, Off-Site manufactured Power Pods. This was a separate ‘design and build’ contract awarded to Anord Mardix, which was successfully delivered despite the significant engineering challenges involved.

The Power Pods were manufactured at Anord Mardix Dundalk and delivered/installed by escorted convoy at night, due to their sheer size! Two of the Power Pods were installed on the roof of the main FAB building; each weighing in at 160 metric tons, and 24 meters long x 9 meters wide each!

  • Covid-19

The onset of Covid-19 in the spring of 2020 made construction and manufacturing slightly more difficult, with Anord Mardix and other partners on the project having to adhere to strict health and safety guidelines to keep all team members safe.



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