Global Cloud Computing Client - The Netherlands

Installing bespoke critical power solutions into an existing Data Centre for a confidential cloud computing giant.

March 30, 2021


Anord Mardix were selected by this confidential client to provide all key elements of their Low Voltage power distribution system for this hyperscale Data Centre project in the Netherlands.

As a direct “OFCI” vendor to the client (Owner Furnished Contractor Installed), the Anord Mardix project delivery team developed a coordinated power equipment design in collaboration with the general contractor and consulting engineers for this 57.6MW project.



Client: Confidential; Leading Global Cloud Computing Provider
Project Location: The Netherlands
Project Year: 2020
Project Value: In excess of € 28 Million
Product Scope of Supply: LV Switchgear, PDU’s, IBAR Busbar Trunking, DATABAR Busway



The ultimate challenge of this project was fulfilling the high demands of a large-scale project amid a global pandemic. Speed and precision were an absolute must for this venture across all departments - from design and project management to fabrication and installation.

It was essential for millimetre precision in the design stage, which is the same protocol for all Anord Mardix projects, yet with the added challenge of no face-to-face meetings being able to take place for health and safety reasons. This proved to be a significant challenge for the team.



Anord Mardix manufactured all of the main LV switchgear and PDU’s on dedicated Power SKIDs, which greatly accelerated the construction and commissioning phases of the project on site, as each switchboard and PDU was fully factory-tested, delivered and installed complete without the need for site re-assembly.

Furthermore, Anord Mardix IBAR busbar trunking was utilized to interconnect all major electrical plant including transformers, switchgear, UPS’s and load banks, forming the backbone of the resilient power architecture of the facility. Anord Mardix were also contracted by the GC to deploy the class leading DATABAR open channel Busway system in the Data Halls, providing the client with a highly reliable, flexible and safe power system to serve their critical loads.


Due to the modular design of the project, it was possible to begin fabricating each component almost immediately, fitting each unit as it was completed to a prefabricated, modular Anord Mardix SKID solution.

By continuing to manufacture despite the external challenges all workers faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the team achieved project synergy in the face of unprecedented challenge and adversity.

Anord Mardix would like to extend their sincerest thanks to the team and every team member who brought this project to completion, to our usual high standard, despite the complexities and global challenges faced during this project.


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