Cloud Computing Client - Dublin

This project was completed for a confidential cloud computing client.

March 30, 2021


The aim of this project was to design, manufacture and install bespoke switchgear and busbar into an existing building in North Dublin. Additionally, the project also required a SCADA and Control System which would be installed onto its own independent network.


Country: Ireland

Value: £22 million

Industry: Data centre 18MW IT Capacity

Products: MV Modular Plantrooms, LV Switchgear, IBAR, DATABAR, SCADA control monitoring system and Control Panel, Switch Panels

Time frame: 15 months

Year: 2019


The project required Anord Mardix, and other electrical engineering product manufacturers including Schneider Electric, to create a bespoke critical power solution to a pre-existing building.

A pre-existing building can pose a few challenges, as it requires the products utilised in the project to adapt to the space and building capabilities available to the client.

Anord Mardix and the other manufacturers within the project had to therefore work closely with the general contractor to create bespoke products, which were made to match the the parameters of the project and the needs of the client.


LV Switchgear
5000amp IBAR (4km)
400amp DATABAR (3km)
SCADA control monitoring system
Switch Panels
2 Power Pods; including MV
Switchgear and Control Panels


Within this project, Anord Mardix also installed fiber and copper network in the buildings, which are used for communication and control purposes.

The project was completed within the agreed upon time frame (15 months) and the client was completely satisfied with the level of engineering expertise and the installation and product quality.

The client has since begun the 2nd phase of this project with Anord Mardix, which, upon completion, will create a 5-building campus totalling just short of 80MW of IT load. This campus will also have a further 8MW planned on a second site just a short distance away.


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