Chicago, USA.

Anord Mardix was selected to provide PDU’s for a project in Chicago, USA. During construction, new criteria for metering parameters were required to comply with the end-user specification.

October 21, 2021


Client: Top 5 global cloud computing provider

Country: Chicago, USA

Scope of Deployment: 24MW

Industry: Data Center

Products: MCMS, PDU

Timeframe: Apr-Dec

Year: 2020


A global data center provider was working with a hyperscale end-user to populate their new data halls. The end-user not only altered the initially planned design, but also added specifications that would normally require additional equipment and extraordinary costs associated.

The Anord Mardix MCMS system firmware was modified to incorporate the new specifications at a minimal cost to comply with CBEMA/ITIC reporting and compliance, waveform capture, sag-swell detection and breaker status. Anord Mardix teamed with the software vendor selected (Modius) to incorporate the features into the customer’s software platform, for integration with the existing facility management.


  • 500kVA PDU’s, and later changed to 600kVA PDUs (w/ I-line panel for distribution)
  • Anord Mardix MCMS 24 circuit metering solution
  • Anord Mardix IO card for breaker status

Anord Mardix was selected by the global data center provider because of the product’s design and the versatility of the platform; adjustments were made to both the PDU design and metering application throughout the process and done in a low-cost, timely manner.


The Anord Mardix approach to a dynamic project enabled all specifications to be met and ultimately saved the customer thousands of dollars throughout the project changes.

The customized PDU design with I-Line distribution saved thousands when the customer was able to shift from 400A to 600A breakers for downstream data hall distribution.

The MCMS system used was able to be modified to comply with new requirements as all subfeeds were able to be metered with one device, simplifying the integration into software.

The project was completed in-line with global safety regulations with regards to COVID-19 and with the client’s needs. The client was very happy with the finished result and quality of installation and service.

Points of success for the project:

  • A flexible and safe power design for power distribution.
  • An advanced and operator friendly monitoring solution that provides a high level of information, facilitating the management of their facility.


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