Seven Hills Makes Key Investment

July 06, 2021


At Anord Mardix, we continuously invest in our manufacturing facilities across the globe.

In doing so, we maintain a high level of quality and efficiency with all our products and projects that our clients expect from us and, more importantly, can rely upon.

Our manufacturing facility in Virginia, USA, Seven Hills, has undergone a facility upgrade, in the form of a new powder coating system built by Rohner Finishing Systems.

The newly installed system is a custom built, automated solution, which is big enough to fit even our biggest product parts in (and still powder coat them effectively). 

Ultimately, this powder coating system was designed with our product range in mind. There is not a single part that we manufacture in our UL manufacturing facility, that we cannot fit in this system. Even our larger products like the full-size PDU frames, spanning a huge distance of 96”x 70” x 90”, can be sprayed onsite without a hitch.


The process of powder-coating untreated product parts is a simple one, but it’s extremely important in order to provide a protective layer to the metal used in each part. Not only that, but powder coating is essential to creating the professional finish on our products that has the signature Anord Mardix look and feel!

First, the parts are pre-treated to ensure proper powder adhesion, and then dried off in an oven prior to coating with powder.

Powder coating is done with a Wagner Industrial powder coating spray system.


The Wagner system is customizable from a programming standpoint so finishes can be fine-tuned to ensure customer satisfaction.


After powder coating the parts, they are held in a curing oven which is controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

The powder coating parameters are programmed into the PLC, making for easy and consistent monitoring, so that bake times and temperatures within the curing oven are consistent for every batch, which ensures the finest of quality finishes for our clients.


The addition of the powder coating system was a key acquisition for Anord Mardix in Virginia, as it completes our long-term plan of bringing all fabrication processes in-house for the manufacturing site.

Not having to rely on outside vendors throughout our entire manufacturing and fabrication processes, allows our team to have complete control over quality.

Not only that, but it significantly diminishes our product lead-times from weeks to mere days, serving as a vital benefit for our clients, as well as our team.

Our VP of Sales for the North America team, Graham Carr, comments:

“We’re very excited to welcome this fantastic asset into the manufacturing facility here at Seven Hills and the team are already meeting project deadlines with ease. The new powder coating facility will be essential in speeding up production, whilst ensuring that fabrication quality and precision aren’t compromised.

The ultimate result is that we can powder coat one product part every 10 minutes, from start to finish – which will be a key time saving in the months to come, as we welcome new projects and clients to the business portfolio.”

With production efficiency at an all-time high within each site, Anord Mardix is set to have yet another prosperous year across global markets.



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