Proud to Sponsor 100K in 30 days

May 07, 2021


100K in 30 days is an annual event in aid of Breast Cancer Ireland. 

What was once a national event in Ireland has now grown into a global one, aimed at participants from around the world in being sponsored to walk, run (or movhowever they like!) 100 kilometres throughout the month of June. This event is a great way to raise money for a great cause and is open to anyone aged from less than 1 -100 years old. 

As an additional incentive to encourage people to get involved, there are €30,000 worth of prizes to be won throughout the event, such as travel vouchers or a 5-star hotel break. 


Proceeds from the event will help to fund lifesaving research in breast cancer, with the money planning to be channelled across 3 separate areas: 

  1. The development of a state-of-the-art Clinical Trials Centre, being built on the grounds of Beaumont Hospital in Dublin. This centre will be crucial to helping translate laboratory findings into more effective drug therapies for future cancer patients.
  2. Funding for the breast cancer Research Nurses in the designated cancer centres across Ireland. These nurses undertake crucial work in collecting patient tissue and serum samples, inputting them into one large, centralised resource. These samples are then accessed by clinicians and scientists nationwide for research progression, vastly speeding up lab to clinical trial lead times.
  3. Support for the Breast Cancer Ireland Education and Outreach Programmes, which are delivered to schools, companies and community groups in Ireland. These outreach programmes can often be a first line of defence in women getting an early diagnosis, as they educate the population in how to properly perform a self-breast examination. 


Anyone can register, just as long as it’s before 1st June 2021. Simply follow the link to get started.  

Be sure to follow ongoing event updates directly from 100K in 30 days on Instagram @100kin30days or on Twitter using the hashtags #100kin30days and #pinkarmy. 

You can also support the Anord Mardix team in Dundalk who are taking part via our own LinkedIn and Twitter social media pages – our blue army is turning pink this June! 



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