International Women's Day with Anord Mardix

March 07, 2022

Today Anord Mardix celebrates International Women's Day, standing with all women across the world in the fight for gender equality.

Celebrated since the early 1900's, International Women's Day was founded during a significantly tumultuous period of history. While a period for progression in so many ways with technologies and our knowledge of the world becoming significantly more advanced, this moment in human history had a number of complex social issues surrounding it, including a boom in population growth, famine, poverty and war - giving way to radical ideologies being formed.

With women's oppression on the rise during this period, women all over the world began their fight to be heard and to be considered equal to men.

Fast forward to the present day and the fight continues. Although women all over the world have come a long way since then, there is more work to be done so that women are considered equal to men worldwide. For women to have the freedom to make their own decisions without fear, and to have irrefutable equal opportunity in whatever they choose.

Why Anord Mardix Supports International Women's Day

It's important for us to join our voice to the conversation of International Women's Day for a number of reasons.

Primarily we strongly believe in the equality of genders, as well as recognising how previous generations have enriched the lives of future generations of women and children.

We believe in employing our staff in a fair and considered approach.

Not only that, but operating in a male dominated industry means that we must show our support for equal opportunities in this sector. We believe in employing our staff in a fair and considered approach. Once hired, we do our upmost to ensure there is constant opportunity for training and career development to empower our men and women alike to progress in their career.

Finally, we acknowledge the gap between male and female workers within this industry and aim to pay our female team members the same as their male counterparts - which we believe we have achieved. That being said, there is more that can be done to encourage women into our industry - but offering equal pay to our employees is a good start.

In EMEA, we have produced a public report discussing the gender pay gap within Anord Mardix, which you can read here.

Our Women

To celebrate International Women's Day, we've highlighted just a few of our fabulous team members across our global sites who we value and appreciate so much. Anord Mardix wouldn't quite be the same without our staff and we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know some of our amazing women better on such a special day (and show off just how much they do for us). Meet our amazing female team members!


Danielle, Senior Administrator, UK.

"I love my job and I love my team even more. I'm grateful that I get to work with such a brilliant group of women who I know support me just as much as I support them. I'm motivated by the sense of achievement at the end of each day, but also by the fact that I can build a life for myself because of my job. "

Rachel, HR Manager, Ireland.

"I started with the company during a very busy period some years ago, but I was made to feel so welcome and the team is brilliant. I love what I do because I see our employees being promoted from within and I get to be a part of seeing our team fulfilling their potential."

Somaly, PDU Technician, USA.

“I've worked at Anord Mardix for going on 7 years and I really enjoy my job in PDU Control Wire. The best bit of my job is the community atmosphere that we have here. It doesn't matter what gender you are, we all have a job to do and we get on with it together.”

Nicola, Facilities Manager, UK.

"As a Facilities Manager, I’m not only manage the facilities in our Group, I facilitate – by definition, I make it easier and help forward any issues that arise.

Celebrating International Women’s Day is bitter sweet for me; I’m disappointed that we are in a world where we need to raise awareness but similarly I’m grateful to not feel discriminated, but respected, supported and valued by a network of fantastic colleagues and suppliers."

Katie, Assembly Operative, Ireland.

"My team are all close and we all work really well together. Everyone's really easy going and we all help each other, I've learnt so much in such a small space of time and the opportunity to progress is always there."

Gabrielle, HR Manager, USA.

“I’m both blessed and grateful for the learning opportunities provided over the past several months here at Anord Mardix. I truly believe I’ve received professional development from some of the best!”



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