Apprenticeship Week 2021

February 09, 2021

We have been celebrating Apprenticeship Week in the UK, running from 8th – 14th February. This means we are putting the spotlight on apprentices at Anord Mardix, past present and future; looking at where they are now, discussing their experiences and what apprenticeships mean to them.

But first, let’s take a closer look at the finer details of our apprenticeships.

Want to find out how long the application process is, who can apply, where the apprenticeships are or how to apply? Follow the links to jump to the information you need!


There are multiple apprenticeships to choose from, all leading to you becoming a fully qualified member of the team at Anord Mardix, in whatever area of business you choose. The key apprenticeships we offer are as follows:

  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, NVQ Level 2/3 and BTEC
  • Electrical Engineer HNC Level 4
  • Installation Electrician Level 2/3
  • Team Leader/ Supervisor Level 3
  • Departmental Manager Level 5

Update: Our applications for apprenticeships in 2021 have now closed. If you would still like to register your interest, please contact our Head of HR, Danielle Walker, at

Coming in 2022, we will also be able to offer an apprenticeship for a Mechanical and Electrical Design Engineer Level 2/3, as well as developing apprenticeship places at our Dundalk facility in Ireland.

We have 3 Senior Quality Technicians in Dundalk who will be responsible for training the apprentices when we start our new apprenticeship programme. They have decades of industry knowledge between them, which will be invaluable to those joining the course.

Michael McFadden, Site Service Supervisor in Dundalk, pictured with our Senior Quality Technicians (3rd from left) has been with the company for 21 years after completing his Electrician apprenticeship with us in 1992:

“What I really enjoyed about my apprenticeship was the varied work tasks and learning to understand the how and the why of switchgear. To be involved in the testing of the switchgear with clients, then being afforded the opportunity to be involved in the onsite installation and commissioning (with some of the world’s leading names in business) was a great experience.

29 years on from the start of my apprenticeship and I still enjoy my work and am constantly learning still.  An apprenticeship is a solid starting base from where many opportunities can open up.”

Michael McFadden, Site Service Supervisor at Anord Mardix, Dundalk.


2020 was a difficult year for taking on a new cohort of Anord Mardix apprentices, due to the coronavirus pandemic, but in 2021 that looks set to change. The Head of HR (EMEA) Danielle Walker comments:

“As a company we’re looking forward to welcoming a new wave of apprentices into the business this year. Anyone, at any age, is welcome and we will fully support you through the process of achieving your new qualification. You can expect to learn both practical skills and theoretical knowledge, which will ensure that, when the time comes, you’re ready to begin your new role fully qualified and confident in your abilities.”

Danielle Walker, Head of HR, EMEA.

The Anord Mardix apprenticeship applications open in February each year, with interviews starting in March and successful applicants starting work with us in July. In September, the apprentices will then begin their theory work, attending the local colleges in the area. Usually, most apprenticeships will take around 36 months to complete, although this can vary depending on the course and the individual.


In short, anyone!

Many of our apprentices have progressed onto various roles within Anord Mardix, using the skills and knowledge gained through their qualification. Some decide to further their education and may choose to begin other, more advanced qualifications to progress through the company, such as beginning a HNC.  While most of our apprentices are school or college leavers, applications from more experienced candidates are also encouraged, especially at a time when so many people are looking at fresh opportunities.

At Anord Mardix, we also encourage continuous development for our current staff members. We have apprentices who are now Project Managers, Technical Engineers, Systems Development Engineers, Test Engineers, Designers, Deputy and Team Leaders who have begun higher level qualifications to further their career within the company.

Production Manager at our manufacturing facility in Blackburn, Simon Davis, is currently completing his ILM Level 5:

“There is always support from Anord Mardix with the ILM level 5 qualification and through my experiences with Anord Mardix I have gained a vast knowledge of how to manage a team without even realising. The opportunities and on-the-job training have always been there with coaching and mentoring throughout my career. If you apply yourself and are committed, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

"The ILM level 5 qualification is a great eye opener in how management theory can be applied to the day to day, increasing the productivity, motivation and general feeling of my team. I would definitely recommend it to other managers within the company.”


Simon Davis - Production Manager at Anord Mardix Blackburn.

Many of the apprentices who make the decision to come and learn with us, often stay with the company for a good number of years. A great example of this is our Head of Switchgear Production, EMEA, Russell Allan who has been with the company for 22 years, starting in the sheet steel department in Kendal, before moving into an electrical apprenticeship.

After two years working in the electrical fitting department, Russell eventually worked his way up to Team Leader. From there, he worked his way up again to Production Co-ordinator, then Production Manager, then Product Director before taking on his current position now as Head of Switchgear across EMEA.

“Anord Mardix has been the cornerstone of my career. Starting off in electrical engineering, I was able to build a real solid understanding of the product and from there my enthusiasm for the company grew.
I loved the team I worked with and that motivated to learn as much as I could about the company and the products we fitted. That drive has got me to where I am today.”

Russell Alan, Head of Switchgear EMEA - Anord Mardix.



Currently, we offer apprenticeships local to our manufacturing facilities in Kendal and Hemel Hempstead, with apprentices attending either Kendal College or West Herts College to gain their qualifications.

Learn about the theory behind the products at Anord Mardix during your apprenticeship and implement your knowledge through your practical work.

Kendal College has an Anord Mardix test panel that is used in class, for students to learn about the product and implement their new-found practical skills. The College also has the drawings to match so that the students can learn how to dismantle it and rebuild it, following the original design. This course is tailored to Anord Mardix products and is exclusive to Anord Mardix students, so you can get a real sense of the products you will be working on, as well as meeting people who will be working alongside you after completing the course.


We work with local schools in the Kendal area, UK, to advertise apprenticeships and hope to attend their career fairs to talk to students about the different routes they can take. We bring qualified apprentices along with us so that students can ask them any questions they may have, from the people who know best!

One of our MOET NVQ Level 3 apprentices, , is coming towards the end of his apprenticeship in Autumn 2021 and will become a qualified Electrical Fitter in September, who comments:

“I’ve really enjoyed my apprenticeship. The best bit for me is being able to understand why and how the electrical units work and then having the theoretical knowledge to underpin it all. Learning the theory really solidifies my understanding of how these electrical units fit together into the wider circuit of what we produce at Anord Mardix, and that’s what you can expect from completing an apprenticeship.”

If you have any further questions about starting an apprenticeship with Anord Mardix, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you with the information you require.


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