Anord Mardix Rebrand

March 24, 2021


Anord and Mardix have always been two well-established and celebrated power distribution companies, reaching global markets from their independent bases. Since the merger in 2017, transitioning from two separate, family-run companies to one larger corporate family, we (Anord Mardix) now boast over 100 years of experience and knowledge in the critical power industry.

As a direct result of our accumulated expertise, quality and dedication to its clients, we have experienced dramatic organic growth within the business, despite 2020’s economic pressures and industry challenges.

As the world shifts through a digital revolution, we’ve utilised this time to reflect on our strengths and learn from the ever-changing digital opportunities that have presented themselves as we move into a new way of working, communicating and engaging with people, information and creative media.

Our iconic name and iconic products now demand an iconic brand.

Same name, same people, the same essence that defines who Anord Mardix are but presented in a whole new way.

We wanted our new image to reflect the united global team that we are, focusing on the people who make all our success possible, and highlight how we are adapting to our new business goals – all the while setting ourselves apart from our competition.


As of 2021, we will be showcasing who we are and our personality in a way that has never been seen before in the industry. We will be incorporating an extensive suite of colours within our branding, which are already prevalent within all Anord Mardix sites worldwide.

We wanted to showcase the people behind the brand as their authentic selves – as we would not be the majorly successful global company without them. Bringing our team into the spotlight, and the different locations that our team work in, is a bold move from a corporate standpoint, but for us it’s a natural shift.

We’ve not actually changed anything, merely highlighted the very parts of Anord Mardix that us who we are and encouraging you to be a part of that journey.

Our new imagery and videography fully encapsulates this and allows Anord Mardix’s (both physical and metaphoric) true colours shine through.

Experience all of who Anord Mardix is for yourself through our all-new website. You can even follow us on our LinkedIn page where you’ll receive sneak peaks of upcoming content and bringing the social aspect to our media!

The Anord Mardix brand refresh will ultimately be a visual summary of the company’s reinvigorated brand vision and strategy for 2021.


“I’m very proud of the progress the company’s made this year. We’ve had some big wins despite the challenges of 2020, a testament to the team’s efforts, and ultimately there’s more to come.

Refreshing our brand’s image will go hand-in-hand with the new and exciting ventures that we have on the horizon for 2021 and beyond.”

James Peacock - CEO - Anord Mardix.



Ultimately, we are hoping to make bigger contributions towards a new era of digital infrastructure. As we supply greater digital demands and support critical infrastructure, we are ensuring that the shift in our operations is done in a responsible way, with sustainability at the core of our decision-making process.

Through our efforts, we are hoping to challenge the norm and commit to real industry change. Our reinvigorated company values will reflect our devotion to providing the same great products and fantastic service for our clients, but now with revitalized awareness for our environment too. Our values are at the epicentre of what we do as a company, and we’re proud that every Anord Mardix employees shares these with us:

  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Accountability
  • Empowerment
  • Collaboration
  • Results

Our company strategy will be the continuation of engineering excellence in 2021, driving growth in new markets and consolidating our position in existing ones:

  • Drive operational excellence across our global markets.
  • Consolidate our market position within modular plantroom design.
  • Pioneer in power distribution through research and development.
  • Optimise our global scale and expertise delivering hyperscale projects.
  • Develop long term growth sustainably and responsibly.
  • Evolve the brand to raise awareness of products, values, quality, capacity, and value.

While our look has been refreshed for 2021, it is important to note that the clients can expect the same reliable quality and engineering excellence from Anord Mardix’s products and services that they have loved for years.

“Production and manufacturing is at an all time high to meet project deadlines for 2021. I can confidently say that all sites across our US and EMEA markets are working hard, but, more importantly, they’re achieving project deadlines safely and inline with COVID-19 guidelines.”

Simon Davis - Blackburn Production Manager - Anord Mardix.

Ultimately, people are at the heart of what we do - the company’s success would not exist without our employees’ hard work and dedication. Our new branding showcases this by putting our people at the centre, reflecting their efforts and dedication behind the brand.

If you would like to find out more about Anord Mardix as a company, you can read more About Us here.

Be sure to check back regularly on the company website for regular business updates and to see the Anord Mardix team in action!





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