Anord Mardix Partners with Digital Infra Network

April 23, 2021

Over recent years, sustainability within the digital industry has gone from being a ‘hot topic’ to more of an industry requirement in response to the worsening global climate crisis.

Driving that positive environmental change is what has inspired Digital Infra Network to become a leader of that conversation within our industry. Digital Infra Network is all about sustainable digital infrastructure thinking and this is growing in importance as more of the global population and more businesses rely on digital communications and data to thrive in today’s modern world.


Digital Infra has become a crucial platform in the industry to voice opinions, ideas and interviews surrounding the concept of sustainability. This network is helping individuals and companies understand how to anticipate changes and adapt their businesses for the better.

Working with the world’s most prestigious thought leaders, consultants and vendors across digital infrastructure, this platform has been conceptualised with the user in mind in the hope of helping all kinds of partners and organisations understand their own individual journey towards Zero Carbon.


Sustainability is a key, company-wide consideration for Anord Mardix. We’re all too aware of the carbon footprint of our own operations, from manufacturing to transport, and then the impact of our clients’ growth and developments on energy demands and the environment too.

We believe in committing to positive change within the industry, re-defining the architecture of critical power infrastructure and improving the industry’s performance by leading from the front. We hope to drive engineering excellence across our innovative products and boost service quality, whilst also lending our voice to the conversation about sustainability. We’re working in the Digital Infra Network in the hope that, together, we can reshape the digital landscape.

The partnership between Digital Infra Network and Anord Mardix is therefore an obvious one. Our shared values and goals are the driving force behind it all: bettering the digital landscape from an environmental and sustainable point of view, across all levels of stakeholders.

If you’re eager to learn more about our company values, why not check out our sustainability page?


Throughout the year, we will be supporting Digital Infra in sharing online content and conversations, covering multiple topics under the umbrella of sustainability, such as: Smart, Clean Energy, Outsourcing, Datacentre Facilities Infrastructure and many more.

Digital Infra Network’s platform will be providing ongoing access, advice and ideas to inspire those who want to understand the Digital Infrastructure Energy Transition and how to secure Sustainable Digital Transformation.

We will be lending our voice to the Digital Infra Network platform, contributing alongside our industry partners, suppliers and customers such as Schneider and Siemens, in the hope of encouraging more people to join the conversation and spark positive changes.

It is an exciting time for Digital Infra Network and us to align, broadening the reach of such crucial industry information to those who can implement it and make a difference – no matter how big or small.

Ultimately, in driving such an important conversation forward, the industry looks set for a more prosperous, and sustainable, future.

If you would like to find out more about Digital Infra Network and its mission, please follow the link to their website.




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