100% Pass in Process Audit

May 06, 2021

An audit is a routine procedure which is sometimes commissioned by the client to ensure that their manufacturer of choice can meet their needs for a project. In this instance, our hyperscale facility at B1, and our manufacturing facility WS1 were under review.

In February 2021, Anord Mardix hosted a leading global cloud computing provider’s auditor, who assessed Anord Mardix’s production processes and resulting product quality at our B1 and WS1 manufacturing sites, UK.

Focusing on the SKID Production Unit and Switchgear the client assessed these pieces of equipment; focusing specifically on the processes and production line at B1, the auditors also checked WS1’s capacity to fabricate the components required in the project at the speed, scale and quality the client requires.

The auditing of a fabrication and subsequent manufacturing process is essential because it highlights any possible areas of concern to the manufacturer, so that they can be rectified for the future (if required).

Additionally, it allows the client to see first-hand the capabilities of the manufacturer. It can cement project relationships and encourages confidence between the client and the manufacturer.

Product and process quality audits are conducted at the start of a project, to ensure that the project is running on time and in line with the project’s requirements.

For this client, more audits are completed regularly throughout the year across other Anord Mardix manufacturing sites across the UK, to ensure that the entire production line and process meet the client’s expectations.

Overall, with the recent inspection of WS1 and B1 complete, the client’s auditors awarded Anord Mardix the staggering achievement of 100% - something that is extremely hard to achieve on the process side of a Product Quality Review.

The client's auditors commented,

“We look at the process record closely with a high threshold for acceptance, and, when there’s pressure for deliveries in most production environments, some aspects of paperwork and documentation reporting can easily get left behind..."

He continues,

"...so, all credit to Simon and his team for keeping a watertight system running at the Blackburn unit, and to Andy for his equally effective operation of the Walton Summit facility!

I was thoroughly impressed too with the way in which in-depth and meaningful content training is carried out with all new recruits. Particularly impressive was the way they have structured the ongoing maintenance certification of your welding team working in the SKID production facility at Walton Summit.”

As a company we would also like to take the opportunity to extend our thanks to Simon, Andy and their team’s in B1 and WS1 – without whom this tremendous achievement would not have been possible.



Walton Summit Fabrication Facility, Preston UK
Hyperscale Critical Power Manufacturing Facility Blackburn


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