Anord Mardix EcoXpert

April 22, 2021

This year, Anord Mardix have continued their achievement of attaining Master Level in the Schneider EcoXpert Partner Program.

Spanning across 46 companies in 23 countries worldwide, this prestigious certification is a real achievement to be awarded consecutively, standing alongside other industry-leading brands.

The 2021 Master Level partners have proven their unparalleled expertise in deploying Schneider Electric’s Critical Power and Substation Automation solutions.


Each Master Level member of the EcoXpert Partner Program is nominated by Schneider Electric’s very own EcoXpert channel managers.

According to Schneider, the companies who achieve this award represent the most innovative companies who leverage the latest in IoT-enabled technology. These companies are considered masters within their fields, in their ability to deliver digitized solutions for management and control of electrical power systems.

Adding even more kudos to the certification, each partner that receives the Master Level status represents the top 5% percentile of companies that are trained and certified by Schneider Electric as leaders in their field of expertise. These fields include:

  • Energy management & control
  • Building automation
  • Lighting & room controls
  • Digitization of electrical panels
  • Management of services for electrical assets.

For more information on the EcoXpert Partner Program, you can read more on their website here.


In achieving this award, we are continuing our pledge of engineering excellence. Being an EcoXpert Partner means that ultimately we are taking action to drive the digitization of power distribution in critical applications worldwide, across all of our projects.

Not only that, but we are committed to providing the highest level of service possible for our clients.

Following on from this achievement, we will continue to deploy Schneider Electric’s Critical Power and Substation Automation solutions, driving efficiency in our work by combining these practices to our own depth of expertise.

With more companies achieving the Schneider Electric master-level status in 2021 than ever before, the industry is slowly yet surely taking the necessary steps to become much more efficient as a whole, enabling us to push technology forward together and continue our path of exciting growth.





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